Dr Jodie Semmler

  • -Fertility Specialist
  • -Specialist Surgical Gynaecologist

Dr Semmler is one of Adelaide’s leading gynaecological surgeons.  She has had extensive experience in laparoscopic keyhole surgery treating fertility issues including the excision of endometriosis. Dr Semmler is able to offer continuity of care for couples requiring advanced infertility treatment in conjunction with gynaecological surgery. Dr Semmler is a past member of the South Australian Council of Reproductive Technology.  In addition, Dr Semmler was Medical Director from when Fertility SA was established in 2009 until December 2012. Dr Semmler is passionate about maximising every couple’s chance for successful conception and pregnancy. She has a special interest in surgery which may improve the chances for conception either naturally or in conjunction with fertility treatments. This includes laparoscopic endometriosis excision, surgical removal of fibroids and hysteroscopic correction of uterine anomalies. Dr Semmler consults at Fertility SA’s King William Street rooms and also at her private rooms in Kent Town. Dr Semmler has operating lists at Calvary Hospital, North Adelaide and St Andrew’s Hospital.