Mackenzie’s Mission

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Participating healthcare providers are recruiting couples to take part in Mackenzie’s Mission

Mackenzie’s Mission will screen up to 10,000 couples across Australia for about 750 severe, childhood-onset genetic conditions, allowing prospective parents to gain information about their likelihood of having a child with any of these genetic conditions. The three-year research study aims to determine the evidence for making free reproductive genetic carrier screening available to all couples in Australia who wish to have it.

Mackenzie’s Mission is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund, and is administered by Australian Genomics.

Mackenzie’s Mission is investigating the best way to provide reproductive genetic carrier screening as a national program in Australia.

To achieve this, they are recruiting participants in targeted regions to reflect the distribution of the Australian population, and current practice for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care.

As Mackenzie’s Mission is a research study, healthcare providers including GPs, obstetricians, midwives, genetics health professionals and fertility specialists at selected sites across Australia are inviting people to take part in the study.

To be eligible for Mackenzie’s Mission:

  • You and your partner must be aged 18 years or over
  • If you or your partner are pregnant, you need to enrol in the study before 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • You and your partner must be available to consent to genetic carrier screening and provide mouth swab samples (for those who choose to have screening)
  • If an egg, sperm or embryo donor is involved, the donor(s) must be willing to undergo genetic carrier screening

The study will investigate the best way to deliver a national reproductive genetic carrier screening program available to all couples in Australia.

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