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Pregnancy loss

Talking about pregnancy loss and infertility, the new normal

It’s not that long ago that early pregnancy was hidden, only to be revealed at the celebrated 12-week scan when ‘everything is ok’. The problem of course is that everything is not ok for a very significant percentage of pregnant women and couples trying to get pregnant.  It’s thought that about 1 in 6 couples…

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Obstetrics at Fertility SA

From Fertility to Delivery

No one likes having to repeat themselves, particularly when it comes to something as important as their fertility. Explaining your fertility journey to multiple health care providers over and over again can not only be frustrating, and emotionally draining, it can often lead to important health information being missed. This is why continuity of care…

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Why over-exercising could be making it hard to get pregnant

Exercise is good for us, right? It gets drummed into us from an early age that playing sport, being active and staying within a healthy weight range, are all great things for a healthy body and lifestyle. But certainly for women trying to get pregnant, too much exercise could be making conception harder. It’s something…

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