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If you have been trying to get pregnant and you are under 35 and without success for a 12 months, we recommend coming to see Fertility SA. For those women over 35 we recommend you see a fertility specialist after 6 months.

Success rates

We are extremely proud of our results and have helped bring more than 2,000 South Australian babies into the world.

While we are completely transparent about our success rates, the chances of having a healthy baby are extremely individual. Age, health, genetic factors and any existing conditions affecting either or both partner’s fertility can all play a significant role. It is why all of our fertility specialists will have an open and honest conversation with you about your individual treatment options and your chances of success.

The results published here are also reported to a central body called ANZARD (Assisted Reproductive Technology in Australia and New Zealand) where all accredited clinics provide their data

Some clinics will make their data look better by removing some types of patients. We don’t do that. We include all patient groups and update our records regularly. The current results are for 2018 due to having to wait 9 months to determine the birth rate.

If you’d like to discuss your situation or better understand success rates, we’re happy to arrange a chat with one of our nurses.

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