First Steps

If you haven’t been successful in conceiving naturally, or you would simply like to find out about your fertility health before you start trying to conceive, there are a number of simple, non-invasive steps we can take with you to get a more rounded understanding of your unique circumstances.

The first step is to speak to your GP. Not only will your GP be able to provide advice, but they can also provide a referral for you to Fertility SA. Click here to download a referral form to take with you to your GP appointment.

If you aren’t quite ready to get a referral or make an appointment with your GP, we have a free consultation service available where you can discuss your situation with one of our highly trained and experienced fertility nurses who will be able to guide you towards a plan that works for you.

For your free nurse consultation, or to make an appointment with one of our specialist doctors, call (08) 8100 2900.

You’re in good hands.

Fertility SA is not just an IVF clinic. We pride ourselves on carrying out rigorous investigations to understand the root cause of infertility so that we can tailor-make a treatment plan based on your unique situation. We offer true fertility expertise with non-invasive treatments such as tracking cycles, ovulation induction, and IUI. Our doctor team is highly skilled in reproductive surgery which enables us to provide specialist gynaecological, testicular and micro-surgery for fertility issues.

Fertility SA has outstanding Clinician Researchers.

Amongst our doctors are some of Australia’s key researchers and thought leaders on endometriosis. Professor Norman, our Director of Research, Innovation, and Education is world-renowned for his expertise in the field of reproductive medicine and is the past director of the Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide.

Professor Neil Johnson is President of the World Endometriosis Society (2014-2020), an Associate Editor of the Australasian journal ANZJOG and is well published in a variety of gynaecological and fertility based subjects of which he has been leading researcher.

Fertility SA is a member of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for PCOS, is involved with research with the Robinson Research Institute and participates in national and international research programmes.

Why Choose Fertility SA?

At Fertility SA, we are a highly specialised unit of dedicated professionals that care for you from the day you seek help, to the day you no longer need us. We are acutely aware of the anxiety associated with infertility. We also understand the concerns and fears associated with the treatments to overcome infertility.

We make decisions based on your individual circumstances.

We won’t truly know until we have all the science at hand. We also don’t want to create a sense of false hope. What we can promise is that our dedicated team of specialists and support staff will do everything in our professional power to find a way forward to fulfilling your dream of having a baby, irrespective of what others have told you in the past.

We are passionate about excellence; we genuinely care about creating the best possible outcomes for our patients. Most importantly, we put you first.

There are many reasons why our patients regard Fertility SA as the leading fertility clinic in South Australia:

  • We are the only independent fertility unit in South Australia owned by the medical staff who work there. We are truly passionate about making a genuine difference to fertility outcomes, and we reinvest in research and development to ensure that we deliver the excellence we promise.
  • We provide uncompromised, individualised care. When you start down the road to growing your family with Fertility SA, you will have a specialist who personally takes care of you from the day you arrive, to the day you no longer need us, unlike other clinics which work on doctor availability.
  • We have some of the best educated, trained and experienced doctors and surgical specialists working with us. If your treatment pathway involves surgical intervention, we don’t need to refer you elsewhere. There are four doctors on the team who have completed further CREI specialty fertility training, a sought-after national two-year program which accepts very few applicants per year. We also have other specialists with their own areas of expertise in the field of reproductive medicine who are a fundamental part of the Fertility SA team.

Our Services

Fertility SA is made up of compassionate, dedicated professionals who truly believe it is a privilege to share this significant part of your life with you. It is our purpose to assist you in navigating the challenges, to help you understand the reasons why infertility is an issue, to give you honest, well-informed advice, to discuss the options and guide you towards the most suitable solution for your individual needs. We will offer you counselling if or when you feel you need it, help you improve your lifestyle to boost your chances of a positive fertility outcome and work together towards making your dream of a healthy baby come true.

We specialise in the following treatments:

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Our Success Rates

We are extremely proud of our results.
We also feel that you deserve an accurate sense of your chances for falling pregnant with a happy, healthy baby. To understand IVF success rates, it’s important to be aware that many clinics promote their success rates differently. However, accredited clinics in Australia and New Zealand report their success rates to a central body called ANZARD (Assisted Reproductive Technology in Australia and New Zealand), so it can be useful to compare your fertility clinic against the overall ANZARD statistics.
An important question to ask your doctor is, “What is my individual chance, using my own eggs, of having an embryo transferred?”
Some clinics report on pregnancy rates per cycle but skew the data in favour of cycles that have a higher number of good prognosis outcomes, younger patients, the use of donor eggs, or a higher rate of pre-genetic screening which can make success rates look better. At Fertility SA, we practice transparency in everything we do. We update our records regularly, to include all patient groups across all time periods.  Further information on success rates can be found at

Our Costs

Prices as at 1st July, 2019. Our costs are based on insured patients with hospital cover and Medicare eligibility who have reached the Extended Medicare Safety Net (this is a separate benefit in addition to Medicare rebates and can be applied once your out of pocket medical costs during a calendar year reach a certain level). The threshold is $2,133.0.
Prices exclude hospital admission and anaesthetic fees (if applicable). After Medicare and other rebates, final out of pocket costs will depend on your individual circumstances.

Fertility preservation is quoted on individual circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding detailed costs, including the Medicare and Safety Net rebates, please contact Rochelle, our Financial Services Administrator, on (08) 8100 2900 or ask our reception staff at your appointment.

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