Rural and Remote Patients

At Fertility SA we believe that all South Australians should have access to our highly specialized fertility team. That is why one of our specialists regularly visits Port Lincoln, Port Augusta and Mount Gambier. Should IVF be required then there will be times that appointments in Adelaide are necessary, as our lab and procedures and Adelaide based. Patients may also prefer to be seen in
Adelaide as a personal preference too.

The key to successful outcomes is the Fertility Specialist working closely with the treating doctor, most often the GP, to find what works best for the individual. Preliminary Fertility Investigations can be undertaken by the GP or a visiting specialist, depending on the doctor level of comfort.

In the majority of cases, a GP is the first medical professional to provide guidance when patients are considering having a baby and our team are more than willing to assist with any advice needed. Our Rural, Remote and International Patient Liaison is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to speak to us about appointment times, visits required in Adelaide, accommodation and anything that helps diminish the burden of travelling for medical treatment.

International Patients

Australia has an excellent international reputation in the field of fertility, and Fertility SA is well respected within this cohort. Since our inception, Fertility SA has provided expert opinion for countless overseas patients who have experienced difficulty in conceiving. The Fertility SA Expert Panel- a clinical group consisting of world respected physicians, including Professor Rob Norman, the world’s foremost PCOS expert, and Professor Neil Johnson, President of the World Endometriosis Society, provides a knowledgeable, respected and experienced review of even the most difficult cases.

Through our partnership with Medical Care Australia., we are one of China’s principal consulting groups on fertility treatments, supporting in vitro fertilization (IVF), in Australia. We provide our Chinese patients with a preliminary, comprehensive consultation and education session, so you can
begin pre-testing and discuss your treatment plan before travelling to Australia, and receive ongoing support after you return.

For other overseas patients who wish to undertake their treatment in South Australia, we are able to work with you to provide fertility services-either entirely undertaken in South Australian or, alternatively, initial investigations can be commenced in conjunction with your doctors in your country.

Our Rural, Remote and International Patient Liaison is able to assist with any questions you may have in relation to travelling to Australia to receive treatment.