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The experience of trying to conceive a pregnancy and become a parent can be all consuming and there is considerable evidence of the unique nature of the stress and sense of loss felt by people experiencing fertility difficulty.

Sometimes just being able to talk and have this heard, validated and normalised, is all that is needed.

Counselling can offer the opportunity to consider how you are feeling, identify areas causing distress and consider strategies that may be useful for you.

Asking for support is not a sign of weakness. It can be useful when your usual support avenues are not as accessible to you or you have not shared your journey with others.

Fertility SA’s counsellors are able to respond in a timely way in event of urgent or crisis need.

For more information about how FertilitySA can support you, call 08 8100 2900

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Emergency support

If you are in an emergency or at immediate risk of harm to yourself/others please contact emergency services on 000.

Emergency Departments located at St Andrews Hospital or the Royal Adelaide Hospital or your local Hospital Emergency Department can provide immediate attention from mental health services.

Patient information flyer [pdf download]

Our counsellors, Brooke Calo and Julie Potts, are available free of charge and in total confidence throughout your journey with Fertility SA.

You are able to meet with a counsellor in person, by phone or via zoom/skype.

Patients who are accessing assisted reproductive treatment/planning at Fertility SA can access the counselling service free of charge on an as needs basis as part of their decision making and during treatment for emotional support, crisis counselling and therapeutic counselling.

Referral pathways

We support you every step of the way towards achieving your dream of having a baby. We recognise that the decision to pursue fertility treatment can be an emotive and difficult one. It is our goal to guide and support you through the highs and the lows.

Counsellors can assist with referral pathways for people wishing to see a counsellor independent of the unit or when they have a need to access a specialised service for additional wellbeing needs.

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