Response to Monash IVF class action aired on Channel 7 News

Fertility SA wish to acknowledge that the Monash IVF class action being run by Margalit Lawyers, aired on Channel 7 News Spotlight over the weekend, continues to raise questions and cause concern amongst patients.

The 7 News Spotlight story (linked in references) explains that there are hundreds of parents caught up in one of the nation’s greatest IVF travesties. It shared that wives Laura and Suzie had babies just days apart (after a long complicated IVF process for both parties).

The story aired explains “Monash IVF had developed a revolutionary non-invasive genetic test that claimed only viable embryos would be transferred – thereby reducing the frustration and cost of IVF treatment.”

Many others had opted for the testing, hoping it would lead to a healthy child.

Instead, the test was the cause of their disappointment.

Lawyer Michel Margalit, who is representing 200 people including Laura and Suzie as part of a class action lawsuit against Monash IVF Melbourne and Adelaide based Repromed, says the test should never have been approved.

Fertility SA Scientific Director, Mr Michael Barry feels compelled once again to reassure the patient population that “testing of embryos at Fertility SA for genetic normality is used cautiously and only as an adjunct to proven IVF treatment after an informed discussion with the patient’s doctor”.

Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) is widely used today in fertility clinics across the world for selecting chromosomally normal embryos for transfer, to help improve clinical outcomes and live birth rates.

  1. Fertility SA (in association with Genea laboratories), only uses the most reliable methods for genetic testing ie tests that have proven efficacy, that have been peer-reviewed and are widely published worldwide.
  2. Fertility SA (in association with Genea laboratories) does not use experimental or unapproved techniques, nor any flawed testing methods illustrated in current media stories and the subject of class action.


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