Roe v Wade – a response from Fertility SA

The United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion, and leaving the question of abortion rights to the states.

My Body, My Choice

Fertility SA continues to champion “YOUR Fertility, YOUR Way” and even more importantly, “YOUR Body, YOUR Choice”.

Brooke Calo, Fertility SA Counsellor, explains “Pregnancy occurs across a spectrum of fertility from ttc, infertility to pregnancy loss via miscarriage, still birth and termination for fetal anomaly, to unplanned pregnancy. People will commonly have a range of reproductive experiences at different points in their reproductive lives.”

Brooke states “we stand in solidarity with the women in the United States affected by this decision and we encourage our patients to reach out to us if you are distressed or concerned about your own current situation. Whilst we are grateful Australian women have access to a range of reproductive choices and freedoms we are conscious that there is still much work to do in the space of access and equity for all.

To recap Roe v Wade via Contemporary OB/GYN®

On June 27, 2022, Sean Tipton, Jared Robins, MD from Contemporary OB/GYN® released “Not just abortion: How the demise of Roe v Wade may impact fertility care’  Reference:

They explain, “The implications for abortion care of overturning Roe v Wade are clear. Each state will be free to restrict or ban abortions as it sees fit. Indeed, many have already passed laws that do this, and 13 have “trigger laws” ready to go into effect as soon as Roe v Wade is undone. A variety of approaches are being taken. Like Mississippi, many states are developing time-based restrictions (eg, abortion bans after a given gestation time). Others, anticipating a complete reversal of Roe v Wade, are putting broader bans in place.

However, restrictions will not be limited to pregnancy termination. If the rationale Justice Alito described in the leaked decision is accepted, the whole framework that has given rise to reproductive and sexual privacy may be at risk. The leaked decision very much sets the stage for challenges to the decisions that protected same-sex marriage, struck down antisodomy statutes, and established the right to contraception.”

At FertilitySA we encourage our patients to take their best care of themselves and use the resources available to you.
One such support service is the Pink Elephant Support Network.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2016, Pink Elephants provides the latest resources, information and peer-support for anyone impacted by early pregnancy loss. Using evidence, empathy and connection, their digital-first approach offers a single source of specialist support, whenever and wherever it’s needed — for anyone who has directly experienced it, for family and friends, corporate partners or healthcare professionals seeking proven ways to help.

The Pink Elephants Support Network describe what is termination –

They say, “Termination for Medical Reasons, or TFMR, is when a pregnancy is terminated due to a chromosomal, genetic or structural fetal abnormality, or where continuing the pregnancy would risk the health or life of the mother. Whilst most pregnancies result in the birth of a healthy baby. In some cases, soon to be parents are told the heartbreaking news that their unborn child is ill or has a condition that will likely not be compatible with life. Parents are then faced with the agonising decision of whether to continue with the pregnancy or terminate it due to this medical reason. Sadly, it is something that happens every day around the world, although it is rarely spoken about.

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