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Heterosexual Couple – Egg Recipient Scenario

Patient C met her now partner later in life.

Having always known she wanted children in the context of a stable relationship, she had not been willing to settle for anything less than a loving and equal partnership. Once her current partnership was established, she and her partner were keen to begin a family but pregnancy was not happening.

Like so many women who are in their late 30s/early 40s, she found out her eqq quality was poor and the likelihood of pregnancy with her own eggs was unlikely.

When their specialist raised the idea of donor eggs, she and her partner felt a renewed sense of hope that they would still achieve the family they had each waited so long for.

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Donor oocyte (egg) program

There are many reasons why individuals and couples may need to access donated oocytes (eggs) in order to have a child.

  • A woman’s own eggs are failing to fertilise or create embryos that are able to sustain an ongoing pregnancy
  • Ovarian failure due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer
  • Premature ovarian failure or menopause
  • Women who have a high chance of passing on a serious genetic condition to their children

Oocyte donation programs include:

  • Known donation – where recipients have an oocyte donor or seek an oocyte donor who is known to them
  • From the World Egg Bank in the US (www.theworldeggbank.com).

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