Pregnancy success during covid-19

Pregnancy rates not held due to pandemic

Pregnancy in 2021 was a hot topic with the pandemic environment challenging many couple goals.

Some nervousness around vaccinations, birth and the effect of covid-19 all created many community conversations.

However, 2021 was also seen by many as an opportunity to enact the South Australian family dream with Fertility SA recording strong and above average results against national standards.

Fertility SA cares that YOUR future, is made YOUR way

In 2021, Fertility SA continued its dedicated mission to offer the right fertility treatment for our patients.

The pandemic has shown us there are differing thought processes for individuals and couples, as much as there are different pathways to fertility.

In 2022, we continue to acknowledge that everyone has a different journey and that completely individualised treatment plans are the best way forward.

With the benefit of time – you can pursue your dream career, meet the right partner or create your family when you feel ready using the fertility options for preserving fertility ie to freeze eggs, sperm or embryos.

However, when your perceived time is running out and you feel NOW is the right time, you may wish to reconsider your options regardless of the covid-19 environment.

As many people did during 2021.

For example, intrauterine insemination (IUI) was recorded at a historical high for Fertility SA, frozen embryo (vitrification) transfer results have been outstanding, and the Fertility SA donor programs continue to deliver very high pregnancy rates for those needing this type of fertility support.

FertilitySA takes pride in a steadfast commitment to complete transparency about success rates as the chances of having a healthy baby remain extremely individual, at any age.  Age, health, genetic factors and existing conditions can all play a significant role.

If you’d like to discuss your situation or better understand success rates, we’re happy to arrange a chat with one of our nurses.



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