Midlife & Menopause: Perception in the Pandemic

24th Annual Australasian Menopause Society Congress
Hilton Adelaide & Online
26-28 November 2021


The annual AMS Congress hosted in Adelaide successfully met its goal to share experiences and knowledge gained as we have all adapted in our approaches to Midlife and Menopause issues across the pandemic.

This year’s conference offered a stimulating scientific program designed to inform while encouraging time for reflection and renewal.

The national and international speakers explored the latest research across a range of topics including ageing and its resistance and gender differences affecting metabolic, immune and cardiac function, along with looking at the importance of breast cancer treatment options, sleep and exercise.

Telehealth, conflict resolution and time management all topics relevant for both the busy General Practitioner along with those women entering this next stage of their lives.

Dr Kate Gregorevic from Melbourne offered the following five tips for contributing to a healthy psychosocial wellbeing;

  1. Strength training
  2. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants
  3. 7-9 hours sleep / night
  4. Spend time with people who make you feel good
  5. Find purpose and meaning.

Our own Dr Sally Reid spoke on Fertility Preservation in women with cancer.

Sally was advocating for the conversation about fertility preservation for those people who receive a diagnosis to eliminate any future regret for the patient.

A really important conversation to have acknowledging that for the person receiving this news the situation is overwhelming and triggers many questions. However if we are not able to have this important conversation before any treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy commences the opportunity to preserve fertility for the future may be affected.

Fertility preservation can commence quickly following a diagnosis so as not to delay treating the medical condition / cancer. A fertility specialist will assess and prescribe a treatment plan through the use of follicle stimulating hormones. Patients are supported through this process by our nursing team. Once the follicles have responded to the medication the egg collection process is coordinated at St Andrews Hospital, following the egg collection the eggs are vitrified (through a cryopreservation process) and can be stored until ready for use.

The congress was attended by over 150 delegates, General Practitioners from across Australia, with a special interest in women’s health, along with another 40 delegates who participated on line.

Feedback was really positive and for many this had been the first opportunity since the pandemic to attend such an event.

Next year’s congress will be hosted by New Zealand.

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