Elective Egg Freezers Disposition Decisions Study

Elective Egg Freezers Disposition Decisions Study

Fertility SA embarked on a journey of discovery from the very outset. In fact, it is very much part of our ethos to continually explore the topic of fertility to ensure our patients receive the best personalised plans with the best possible outcomes.

As such, we have been approached to involve ourselves in the ‘Elective Egg Freezers Disposition Decisions Study’ by the University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Project: 21648

The research will look at women who have chosen to electively freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons, such as not having meet a suitable partner to have a child with are known as elective egg freezers.

It is known that many women have surplus frozen eggs at the end of the process because they did not return to use their eggs or only used some of their eggs.

When this occurs, women have to decide what to do with their surplus eggs; this is called a disposition decision.

In Australia, women/couples can choose to: donate their eggs to research, donate their eggs to known or unknown people, or discard them.

Past research has informed us that these decisions can be stressful, complex, and morally challenging.

This research explores the disposition outcomes and intentions of past and current elective egg freezers and their attitudes, beliefs, facilitators and barriers that influence their decision. The results of this study will help better support elective egg freezers to be more informed and prepared when faced with making a disposition decision and to reduce potential distress, uncertainty and decision regret.

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