Australian Story’s In the Name of the Child

Fertility SA have felt strongly the outpouring after the Australian Story by Belinda Hawkins and Cheryl Hall was aired where Donor-conceived people fear Victorian sperm donor shortage will mean more children miss out on answers to biological background.

During the story they state that more and more couples are turning to IVF to have children, prompting a surge in demand for donor sperm and, they share new mum Lauren Burns side to the baby boom that leaves donor-conceived people desperate to know their biological background.

Fertility SA takes the safety and care of its patients very seriously and conducted a thorough review of a number of egg and sperm banks worldwide.

Fertility SA sources eggs from The World Egg and Sperm Bank (TWESB), Located in Arizona, USA and is the largest and longest operating egg bank in the world. Donated sperm is provided by the Seattle sperm bank, based in Seattle, USA is an industry leading cryobank when it comes to advanced sperm donor screening.

Michael Barry, Fertility SA Scientific Director says, “these sources are ethical, follow Australian NHMRC guidelines and provide our patient with an easy way of accessing donor gametes than from within Australia.”

“TWESB and Seattle sperm bank comply with Australian regulations and we are confident they provide a high standard of care to their donors and to our patients at Fertility SA. They also allow individuals and couples the ability to access donor gametes, with the understanding that the child conceived will still be provided with the identifying information about their genetic heritage when the child reaches 18.”


By Belinda Hawkins and Cheryl Hall

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