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With Medicare’s assistance, fertility treatment is now much more affordable

It can be expensive to get pregnant when you need fertility treatment or IVF. However, with Medicare’s assistance, fertility treatment is now much more affordable.

When you start on your IVF journey, it makes good sense to register for the Medicare Safety Net as it can help to reduce your out of hospital costs once you meet the threshold. For 2021, the threshold was $2,184.30. It is worth noting that a referral from your GP lasts for 12 months, whereas one from your specialist will only last 3 months.

Medicare help cover costs for:

  • fertility treatments
  • assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF.

It is also important to note, the scheme is based on a calendar year (January to December), and the threshold is revised annually.

Therefore, if you are planning any treatments, or wish to discuss any options with our Fertility experts, we strongly encourage to act now, and make your appointment prior to the end of the year. As fertility treatments can generally take many months this will ensure you receive full support via Medicare on your journey.

The Medicare Safety Net provides additional rebates for people with larger medical expenses. Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net threshold in a calendar year, Medicare pay an additional rebate on selected items.

There is no limit on the number of IVF treatment rounds you can have, however IVF cycles are capped.

Additionally, being pregnant and having a baby can bring up confusing emotions and so Medicare help pay for three counseling sessions to support you.

To claim any Medicare rebate, you need a current referral from your GP or specialist gynaecologist/obstetrician and ensure it includes your, and if applicable, your partner’s name. This will enable you to reclaim all of the Medicare rebates you are entitled to.

Here at FertilitySA we welcome your enquiry to discuss your treatment options, and wish you to have the best experience possible, fully supported on your journey. Discuss with us today.

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