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No one likes having to repeat themselves, particularly when it comes to something as important as their fertility.

Explaining your fertility journey to multiple health care providers over and over again can not only be frustrating, and emotionally draining, it can often lead to important health information being missed.

This is why continuity of care is essential.

Continuity of care is ultimately about establishing strong, long-term relationships with your health care provider to ensure the best outcomes, and most consistent provision of care over time.

As holistic fertility service providers, Fertility SA has always provided this continuity of care to patients throughout their fertility journey.

Working with a fertility provider who can also become your Obstetrician can be hugely beneficial for the patient, but is also incredibly rewarding for the doctor.

“That continuity of care allows us to know exactly what a patient has gone through to get to where they are, and what they need physically and emotionally for the road ahead,”

“No one fertility path is the same, and sometimes it can take time, so when you’ve been working with someone for awhile you get the chance to really build that doctor/patient relationship, and it’s nice to know you can continue that through to pregnancy and beyond.

“This approach is not only better for the patient, it’s also much more enjoyable for us as practitioners, as we get to follow a family through the entire process, and see that healthy beautiful baby at the end of it all.”

Our advice to anyone who would like to have a family, whether it’s now or in the future is to just come in and have a chat.

Even if you’re not quite ready, or you’ve only been trying for a short period of time, it’s always good to run your story past a professional and to get their advice. There are so many different ways we can help people along their path to parenthood: whether you’re preparing for the future; wanting answers to general gynaecological or fertility questions; or you’re wanting to establish a relationship with an Obstetrician from the get-go, we’re here to guide you through it all.

Creating South Australian families

If you haven’t been successful in conceiving naturally, or you would simply like to find out about your fertility health before you start trying to conceive, we’re here to help.

Call Fertility SA on (08) 8100 2900 to make an appointment with one of our specialist doctors.

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