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Making fertility treatment more accessible for regional South Australians

For people living in rural and regional areas of South Australia, the experience of infertility can be especially difficult, with distance adding an extra complication to accessing treatment.

South Australia’s only independently owned fertility specialist, Fertility SA, has been committed to making fertility treatment more accessible for all South Australians for more than a decade.

“Experiencing infertility can be an isolating experience, but for people living in remote or rural areas, there is the additional stress of finding a fertility provider and potentially having to travel to the city for treatment,” said Mignon McDonald, Business Development Manager at Fertility SA.

Fertility SA specialists consult on a regular basis from regional locations across South Australia, making it easier for couples and individuals, to meet face to face with a fertility expert. They also offer video conferencing for patients.

“While we can do the initial consults in regional areas in person or over Zoom, video call or Skype, the reality is that treatment is offered in Adelaide where our laboratory and surgery are located. With some treatments we can be flexible around work commitments, but others like IVF, need to be carried out to a strict timeline,” Mignon said.

Fertility SA has partnered with Quest King William South, which is located near both the Fertility SA consulting rooms and St Andrews Hospital, to offer all patients a discount, to reduce the costs associated with travelling to Adelaide for treatment.

“We really are here to help all South Australians who require fertility treatment. I’d encourage anyone in regional areas requiring fertility treatment to get in touch to see how we can help or arrange their first appointment.” Mignon said.

Special rates for studio, one and two bedroom apartments are available at Quest King William South and can be booked direct with the hotel or through Fertility SA website.

or call (08) 8206 6500

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