Preliminary fertility investigations

28 May 2018

In the majority of cases, GP’s are the first medical professionals to provide guidance when patients are considering having a baby.

If conception has not occurred after 12 months, where the woman is under 35, or after 6 months where the woman is over 35, and there is no complicated medical history, investigation are recommended.

Preliminary tests for women

Baseline Bloods Day 2-6 of Menstrual Cycle- FSH, LH, E2, AMH, TSH, Prolactin, Rubella, Blood Group Screen.

( FSH- Follicle Stimulating Hormone, LH-Luteinising Hormone, E2-Oestradiol, AMH- Anti-Mullerian Hormone, TSH- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, HSG- Hysterosalpingogram)

(Please note there is currently no Medicare rebate for AMH- cost is approximately $95)

Updated PAP smear (especially if it is over 12 months since the last test).

Baseline transvaginal scan day 2-6 of menstrual cycle for Antral Follicle Count (AFC), ovarian volumes (both ovaries) and assessment for uterine pathology.

*Patient can book in at Fertility SA to have this scan prior to their first consultation with their Fertility SA Specialist. Cost of the scan is $150; patient’s eligible for Medicare will receive a $29.75 rebate (costs current May 2018).

Optional Tests

If cycles are irregular:

Serum androgens

If cycles are regular:

Luteal Progesterone (to be taken on day 21 of a 28 day cycle)

Consider HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

Preliminary tests for men

Semen Analysis at SA Pathology

Additional information for GP’s
There is a wide range of information available for GP’s on this site, including:

Referral form

Individual doctor area of interest

Podcasts, blogs and information about specific conditions impacting fertility

Our team of Fertility SA Specialists are happy to speak to you about specific cases or more general information. Call 8100 2900.

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