Fertility preservation for patients with cancer

28 May 2018

Receiving a cancer diagnosis at any age is both shocking and difficult.

But for children, teenagers and adults who are yet to have a family, there is the additional concern about how cancer treatment will impact future fertility. It is well documented that some treatment options are known to have an adverse affect on fertility.

In this ‘Time to talk’ podcast, fertility expert Dr Sally Reid, explains how cancer treatments impact fertility, the options for both men and women to assist in preserving and protecting their future fertility, latest research in this area, and how quickly treatments can be carried out to ensure they don’t impede treatment plan in place with your oncologist or haematologist.

Listen to the podcast…

The Fertility SA Cancer Fertility Preservation Programme

Fertility SA has joined forces with St Andrew’s Hospital and leading Adelaide anaesthetists to provide a free specialist service for patients with cancer to take steps to preserve future fertility.

It includes:

Fast-tracked appointments within 1-2 days of referral/diagnosis of cancer
No out of pocket costs
Fast-tracked procedures for sperm and egg collection and embryo freezing
Low-oestrogen IVF procedures if required
Ongoing support, follow-up and counselling

If you have a patient who may benefit from this programme or would like to discuss this service, please contact Dr Sally Reid at Fertility SA on 8100 2900.

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