Waiting to be a dad

31 August 2017

If you looked on over the weekend at all the Father’s Day Facebook posts with a pang of envy, you’re not alone.

There are thousands of men who are either undergoing fertility treatment with their partner or who are anxiously trying each and every month to conceive a much wanted child. Men who are all hoping that next year they’ll be part of the celebration.


“There is a lot of silence around infertility and men particularly are often overlooked. It’s a personal and private experience considering or going through treatment, but it’s important that men can access support from family and friends,” said Rebecca Kerner, Fertility SA Counsellor.


Indeed the numbers suggest many men will go through this experience in their lifetime. 1 in 6 Australian couples experience infertility at some point, with the cause of infertility being evenly split between men and women. For men, the main causes of fertility issues are related to semen quality and quantity.


“Men often feel the need to carry on and carry the load of responsibility. But carrying on with daily life, while supporting a partner with fertility treatment, or undergoing fertility treatment or anxiously considering treatment, can be stressful.


“In the last few years it’s been very encouraging to see more male celebrities and athletes talk about difficult issues. Days like Father’s Day can be especially difficult when something you really want feels out of reach. It sounds hard but it’s really good to talk, to a friend, relative or professional, and to remember that you are not alone in dealing with fertility issues.


“Everyone hopes that they will be able to have children easily, but for many couples it is difficult. It can seem like a marathon at times, but the first step always starts with a conversation, and the team at Fertility SA are great listeners.”

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