Fertility SA BioResource- How you can help fertility research

10 January 2017

Fertility SA is an active research group that collaborates with the Robinson Research Institute, Australian universities and industry partners. We are committed to improving reproductive health care and we pride ourselves on having the courage to innovate and improve existing technologies. We do this to give each and every patient the best possible chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy, whether this is through education, non-invasive intervention or ART treatment.
Fertility SA BioResource, was established on a non-for profit basis to further our understanding of infertility and to promote research into areas which will advance ART outcomes in infertile couples. During fertility treatment there are biological samples which are routinely collected as part of treatment. These samples are discarded once they are no longer required for treatment or not suitable for clinical use. For example, some assisted reproduction methods like ICSI only require a single sperm, the remainder is usually discarded of as medical waste. The remainder of this patient sample could be donated to research to develop new diagnostics to find causes of infertility and discover out how to overcome them.  Human embryos will not be part of the BioResource nor will they be created from it.

Each patient at Fertility SA has the opportunity to contribute to the BioResource and  donate all or some of their biological material to research. The Fertility SA BioResource and its associated clinical database will enhance the ability of Australian scientists to carry out basic and translational research into reproductive biology and ART.

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