IVM at Fertility SA

31 August 2016

Have you heard about the new big change in the world of fertility? The less invasive alternative to IVF? This new process is called in vitro maturation or IVM, and we can offer this at FertilitySA. If you have been listening to the radio or reading the newspaper in the last week there has been a lot of press regarding IVM as a new alternative to IVF. How we achieve embryos through the IVM process is similar to IVF, but differs significantly in the way we grow the eggs. During your standard IVF treatment, women will have to undertake many hormone injections to stimulate the growth and maturity of the eggs inside their ovaries. After many days of injections, our specialists will retrieve eggs which are mature and ready to be fertilized. Many of our patients are aware these hormone injections come with a wide array of side effects and not to mention the overwhelming courage it takes to continuously inject yourself. If this wasn’t uncomfortable enough, there are multiple blood tests and transvaginal ultrasounds that provide us a clear picture of how your eggs are developing. As you can imagine this all requires a significant time and financial investment with multiple visits to your specialist clinic. The beautiful thing about IVM is that it alleviates many of these stimulation difficulties that occur during your standard IVF treatment. We achieve this by collecting your eggs earlier when they are immature, and provide them with the support to mature outside the body. Once mature, these eggs are ready for fertilization and follow the same treatment regime as standard IVF. Collecting immature eggs earlier, means we significantly reduce the amount of injections needed and less testing is required. This provides significant benefits to our patients. Although IVM has been around for nearly as long as IVF, it has yet to hit mainstream clinical practice due to slightly less success. However at FertilitySA we have the vision and experience to give the best possible outcome for patients willing to undergo IVM in South Australia. Over the past 5 years, I have been working with Rob Gilchrist and Jeremy Thompson on IVM techniques and methods and have expert knowledge on what it takes to make a good IVM embryo. At Fertility SA I am working closely with our fertility specialists and scientific director, who have trained internationally on IVM methods. Our team is making progress to close this gap in success rates, whilst providing the best clinical care. Ryan D Rose      
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