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Scientific intelligence in fertility care for South Australians

Our mission is to provide the best fertility treatments. We offer intelligent and honest advice and the right treatment plan for our patients.

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Giving you the best chance of success

We use the latest scientific techniques and technology to assess your individual circumstances. We then develop an individual treatment plan based on your needs to give you the best chance of success.

“Our goal is not only to improve outcomes for our patients, but to improve the chances of success for everyone undergoing infertility treatment…” Dr. Ryan Rose, Director of Research and Innovation

Intelligence in fertility care for South Australians

Fertility SA – a patient's journey at St Andrews Hospital

Meet the team

Our doctors are all experts in the field of fertility and the conditions that impact it. Along with our nurses, counsellors and embryologists, we work together to give you the best chance of success.

Why choose Fertility SA?

Honest intelligent advice

We provide honest and intelligent advice about your treatment options, costs and potential success. We listen and know that everyone has a different journey.

Best available treatment

We care deeply about our patients and the integrity of the medical treatment we provide. We offer proven techniques and a world-class laboratory.

Individual plans

Every patient has an individualised plan and all of our doctors are fertility specialists with vast experience treating infertility.

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