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We take the health and wellbeing of our patients and staff seriously and have been closely monitoring official advice regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and adopting best practice guidelines at our clinic and laboratory.

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Welcome to Fertility SA

Listening to you, preparing individualised treatment plans and supporting you is at the centre of our patient care model.
Our clinic is owned and operated by our team of medical professionals which includes world-renowned doctors, with access to international networks,  giving you the best chance of fertility success.
At Fertility SA we can assure you that ALL of our doctors are Specialists.  You can learn more about our team and who you would like to assist you in this exciting but sometimes anxious period of your life by scrolling down.
A list of the top things to consider when choosing a Fertility Clinic can be found here.

Commitment to excellence and the latest technology

Our in-house team offers some of the best educated, trained and experienced doctors, nurses and embryologists in their field. Our doctors are exceptional. Our outcomes are outstanding. But primarily you are our top priority.

Our focus is on you

We know that your situation is unique to you. We also know that the decision to pursue fertility treatment can have a profound effect on the lives and dreams of you and your family.

Our commitment and mission

We are committed to guiding and supporting you every step of the way. We will develop a treatment process tailored to suit your unique circumstances. It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality fertility advice and care to achieve the best possible outcome.

You and your future baby are always our priority.

Who We Are

We are a leader in fertility treatment in South Australia.

We strive to continuously improve and ensure we remain at the forefront of reproductive medicine globally. Some elements that primarily separate us from other fertility clinica in South Australia are:

We are the only independent doctor-owned and doctor-run fertility treatment centre in the state.

Our team is made up of some of the most highly respected reproductive medicine and fertility specialists, many of whom are recognised globally for their continued contribution to the industry of reproductive medicine.

This global, industry leading knowledge drives our approach with the latest thinking informing how we help you.

What We Do

Uncompromising, individualised care

Our approach to fertility treatment involves a number of different yet vital aspects, each working hand in hand to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

When you first seek help from Fertility SA, your doctor will follow your care through every step of the way towards getting pregnant and into your first trimester. This means you will have someone you know, trust and can contact at any stage to help you navigate your journey.

Our counsellor is also available at no cost to you at all stages of your relationship with Fertility SA.

Our Innovation

We pride ourselves on excellence

At Fertility SA, it is our mission to continually explore and develop new technologies and innovative methods that drive the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

Under the guidance of our Director of Research, Education and Innovation Professor Robert Norman, who is one of the most prolific publishers of quality research worldwide, some of the technologically leading services we have introduced recently are:

  1. New culture media
    A trial of Embryogen at Fertility SA showed higher clinical pregnancy rates than ever achieved in previous cycles for the same couples. The embryos cultured in this way, showed improved development and better implantation than embryos cultured in standard media. As a result of this, we continue to explore innovative ways of embryo culture both in terms of new media and unique techniques.
  2. State of the art chromosome screening of embryos
    DNA is made up of a sequence of molecules in a similar way of words being made up of a code of letters. The code of all chromosomes can be deciphered from DNA in the cells taken from the embryo using a technique called Next Generation Sequencing. This is highly advanced in that it gives us different detail in the analysis and better accuracy than the more commonly used Comparative Genomic Hybridisations method. We work in collaboration with Genea, the world’s leading embryo diagnostic company.
  3. Outstanding genetic services
    We have a dedicated Clinical Geneticist, Dr Lesley McGregor, who is part of the statewide genetic services. Fertility SA can offer genetic advice for all conditions and can access world-leading targeted genetic abnormalities.
  4. Recurrent Implantation Failure and Miscarriage Service
    We offer an evidence-based service for couples who suffer from unexplained miscarriage and recurrent implantation failure after IVF.
  5. Dietary Advice for optimal reproductive outcomes
    Professor Norman and other doctors have pioneered the concept that nutritional advice coupled with pre-conception care can optimise pregnancy outcomes and assisted reproduction. We offer full dietary services through our doctors and affiliated dietetic service.
  6. BioBank
    Through our affiliation with researchers around the world, and with patient consent, we have built up a bank of de-identified specimens that are accessible for researchers after appropriate ethical permissions have been obtained. This is greatly facilitated by the generous contributions of our patients who have agreed to donate surplus reproductive material (not embryos) for this resource.

Our Research

Groundbreaking research and advanced technologies

Our specialists have undertaken groundbreaking research with studies recognised nationally and internationally.

The origins of Fertility SA are embedded in the pioneering University of Adelaide Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Our continued association with this world leading and dynamic institution allows us to incorporate world’s best research and the most advanced technologies into our fertility treatment methods at Fertility SA.

We continue to be at the forefront of new developments and our specialists are recognised across the globe for their ongoing commitment to education and research in the fields of reproductive medicine and embryology.

Unsurpassed experience

Professor Robert Norman was the inaugural Director of the Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide. Professor Norman is also Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Adelaide and is a subspecialist in reproductive medicine (CREI) and endocrine biochemistry (FRCPA). His research has focused on ART and reproductive endocrinology, particularly in Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS), as well as the effect that lifestyle has on reproductive outcomes and the impact of support through the treatment process.

Professor Neil Johnson is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Gynaecological Surgeon, and a Fertility Specialist with additional qualifications in Reproductive Endocrinology (CREI). Trained in both the UK and New Zealand, he is known internationally for his clinical research interests in gynaecology and fertility including evidence-based fertility treatments, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and ovarian reserve. and is well published in a variety of gynaecological and fertility based subjects. He is the President of the World Endometriosis Society. Professor Johnson is a member of the Fertility SA Expert Panel, a group of Specialist Reproductive Endocrinologists and Gynaecologists who work together on complex cases, helping to achieve improved fertility outcomes.